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Katia Scotti

The artist Katia Scotti wants to convey in her works the many sensations and emotions that we feel while dreaming with open eyes. The sky with its clouds and its multi-coloured trails is a dreaming and magical place, where objects emerge in mysterious ways (closets, clothes hangers, windows, doors, and so on).

These are like fragments of our daily routine but at the same time they symbolize our life's hopes, dangers, memories and experiences. In many paintings there are ropes: a sort of path that keeps track of our passage as we follow it. The reality appears transfigured in heavens marked by ropes that we cross sometimes with effort as we climb them, sometimes with sure footing as we walk, while there are also a few happy moments where we can simply be sited on swings suspended in the sky.

Nevertheless the ropes can also represent a trap, a chain that we must break: in a sort of quest for freedom. In her later paintings Katia Scotti also painted dancers into the sky, wings of aircraft flying over snow chains, mysterious seas suspended in the clouds, bubbles and glass balls, cliffs and towering skyscrapers.

With her paintings, in acrylic, tempera, Katia Scotti invites us to explore our unconscious in a fantastic journey into the world of dreams: a world drawn with a precision and attention to detail that makes it all seem real, but at the same time it gives us always new ideas, suggestions and emotions.