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Katerina Podolskaya

Born in 1980, Moscow. She studied linguistics, works as freelance translator/interpreter and a photographer.

She spends most of her time with books, photography and travelling where she gets her inspiration.

She lives between France and Moscow and after had changed many jobs she is sure that photography is the only thing she can do with no rest and with a great satisfaction.

In photography she loves the moment, light and suddenness when capturing the images on the street. At the same time she enjoys working with people, opening their inner beauty and soul. She also likes to capture her images in the mystery of abandoned places with a richness of details.

She thinks there are a little poetry and solitude, sometimes minimalism and maybe a cinema feeling on her pictures.

As she says: ‘I truly believe that the image can say more than words so I give myself into each photograph to have a so called psychological game!’