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Kate Brittain

Currently, an art student, living in London and studying her third year of Fine Art: Drawing at Camberwell College Of Arts, University Of The Arts London. Kate is also part of a collective of 5 fine artists whom go by the name of ROOM 131.

Kate's work gas gone through a drastic change since she started her degree two years ago, Kate says, "It has become clearer to me which direction to head In".

"People, drawing and photography have always been a massive part of my self-driven projects. I’ve been fascinated by the social history of the family and how it has changed since the development of childhood withing recent centuries. I take inspiration from historical references and research, my own personal experiences of my own family. Through media representation and our idea of being able to function as it's own culture. Therefore, having it's own system for representing children and the family unit within the public eye."

"Below Is a portrait of Prince George (George Alexander Louis, Prince Of Cambridge). A child born into a strong family unit that is heavily in the limelight. The country fixates on him yet at the moment of his appearance and achievements resembling nothing extraordinarily different to any other baby his age,"