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Julie Raworth

Whilst my path was heading towards a Fine Art degree at school I came to recognise that, whilst technically proficient, I lacked personality and identity in my art (and myself). So I followed a more technical path in Photography instead. It is through my training and career as a Counselling Psychologist in my 30’s that I have unleashed my emotive, expressive, and philosophical side.

My recent work creates a balance between left and right brain; expressing emotion through colour, shapes and composition whilst grounded within Psychological theory and strategic logic to create the overlaps of images. They are created from conscious intent, to express the beauty and dynamisms of embracing all of our ‘selves’, something I encourage in both myself and my clients.

When my ‘thinking’ brain is tired or blocked I work entirely with the right brain. By reaching a cathartic unleashing of repressed unconscious emotion this clears the way for the left brain to reignite. This may mean my styles vary with every different moment I am in.

I have always favoured acrylics as my main medium, however I love experimenting with mixed medium to explore their potentials. I pursue photography and creative writing in its purest form or as a tool to create, inspire or illustrate my art.