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Jones Keyworth

Jones Keyworth was born in London in 1980, but spent her childhood in the Sussex countryside. She completed degrees in English Literature with Art, and English (Creative Writing) at Chichester University before going on to study Art History at Cambridge.

Established as a freelance artist, writer and theatre designer she moved back to London in 2004, collaborating with galleries such as the Spitz Gallery, and theatres such as the Old Vic and National.

Often painted on panels of mahogany cut from old doors, the works are small and heavy pieces painted with luminous jewel like tones. From Albert is a new series of views sketched from the very top of the Albert Hall’s famous domed roof; the haze of heaped houses, glass office blocks, towers and cranes are just about visible in the smoky ‘London particular’.

Currently her works are on display at London's Hay Hill Gallery as part of the Autumn 2014 group show.