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Jonell Restivo

I didn't go to a school to become an artist I was born an artist. I finished my first
oil painting of the ocean waves crashing the shore at the age of twelve.

My mother was a beatnik painting on the streets of Greenwich Village in NY,
and we would often paint together in our living room, she had her easel and I had mine.

As a child every time I needed to write a book report for a school assignment, I painstakingly designed
and painted the jacket cover leaving me little to no time to read the book.

My art over the decades has evolved going through a variety of styles and techniques
to mixed mediums which brings me to this point in my career.

Each poster I create is a story, all you have to do is allow your eyes to roam the surface and
follow the path that will tell the story. Icons are my inspiration that I use as a focal point in my collages. I often
incorporate the same icons somewhere in my collages; there hidden treasures you just have to look for them.

Mixed Media Art is art without boundaries. The artist has
total freedom to create anything using everything.

From acrylics and oil paint to machine parts to antique lace with gold bouillon or
pieces of broken china incorporated all on the same canvas. Its dimensional art that
challenges the viewer to touch the surface because of the depth it creates.

I am in love with my, art it never betrays me.

"If your dreams don't scare you, there not big enough"