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Jody Mc Grath

The human condition remains part and parcel of who I am and what I and my work speak off. I was born in Armagh city in the north of Ireland. The city of Saints and Scholars. A place steeped in both history and violence. This held an impact that still permeates. As I still deal with ghosts that have shadowed me across an ocean.

Coping with these mental remnants visually has been painful. But among those acrylics and charcoals lay an unknown exorcism. Only do I feel mature aesthetically and mentally capable of letting these form their own conclusions via canvas.

Through childhood all the way up to graduating in fine and applied arts at from the University Of Ulster in Belfast, painting in all it's facets has been like a second skin for me. I live and breathe my work.

In pursuit of visualizing my own version of the American dream I chose to pursue my work both academically and artistically here on the East Coast. Opening myself and my work up to an entirely new audience. This has led to a multitude of changes within my paintings. Yet always there remains the undeniable continuity that is my work.

As I grow and mature my work steps alongside me. Leaving in it's wake new openings and my growing awareness of what it constitutes to be a painter.