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Joao Trindade

Born in Porto, Portugal in 1975. His first studies were in Design and Communication by the Escola Superior de Artes e Design in 1999.

He's been living in London since 2007 where he's been exhibiting and working together with other artists and performers.

His work examines the "secret structures'' embedded in nature and architecture, with trademark sweeping, bold lines that vanish into multiple perspectives.

Recalling the Futurists and Vorticists who celebrated modernity almost a century ago, he produces both abstract works and ones with figures, sometimes haunting, using paint and mixed media.
His abstracts suggest futuristic cityscapes or industrial scenes. Figurative works layer in nudes or religious images.

Working in acrylic, he sometimes layers in found items and newsprint, giving depth and accenting the plays on perspective coming from the lines that form the fabric of his work.

The result is a dynamic swirl of images and commanding streaks of paint that pull the viewer's eye through the work.