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Joanna Maria

I'm a makeup artist and fashion blogger from Brazil but work in Iceland now and travel around Europe to work and discover new things and products to share with my audience. I have been working with fashion, makeup and television since 1995.

I learned how I can make the skin fabulous and amazing. I like creative makeup because I love colors but I appreciate doing bridal makeup because you can make every woman feel glamorous on her special day.

I discovered so many products, brands and tricks to make you look great. I am self-learned as well as I did some courses in UK and other European countries and I have experience with so many different ethnics. I am so happy with the result. That is why I have a blog, YouTube channel, Instagram and Facebook page where I share my personal experience, my work and the things that I have discovered. I work with so many different products and I show to my followers which one I trust to share.

I like to answer my followers because every day they have a new question about tricks to the skin, hair and body. Today if you want to work as a makeup artist, you need to be a complete artist. You need to understand about hair, nails, skin and makeup. This keeps me busy almost around the clock because I need to learn, study, practice and share.