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James York

I am Andre Martin a.k.a. James York, a Swiss-based Artist.

My whole life I want to discover the impossible and to create something new and awesome.

I started as a musician to built my own albums and discovered sounds with Universal Music
New York and also support the Avril Lavigne Foundation.

To let everybody discover their own skills and have fun with guitar playing
I wrote an awesome Guitar-Learning Book with all the system explanations and stuff you need to be a very good guitar player from ground on.
Available at , all big stores like Amazon etc. and iBooks under the name „Think Guitar“ in German.

On my page you can discover my music, current projects and also art.

In my music I want to try to imaging travel adventures and dreams into sound to create a wonderful journey for the listeners.

In my art my challenge was to create a photorealistic picture with just a normal pen and white paper. It is so awesome how you can imagine pictures with just a normal pen to create the impossible.