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Ikuko Iwamoto

I have been creating sculptural, and at the same time, functional pieces for daily life, such as flower vases, teapots, cups and so on, over five years.

Now I started thinking something enjoyable to see at the level of eyes, just like looking at paintings.

I have been sketching the ideas since early 2010, and they mainly come from my usual obsession, microscopic world, especially the repetition of its patterns. And I have also been interested in an architectural structure and the artists with architectural vibe, such as Donald Judd and some artists from Russian avant-garde era in early 20th century.

Recently, I have been incorporating some additional materials. These include coiled telephone cables, metal wires, and hypodermic needles.

I select them carefully. It is my intention that they aesthetically suit the porcelain sculpture’s form.

Selected artist of IT'S ART Call 2016