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Ian Hudson

Contemporary painter, sculptor and installation artist.

My practice is material and process based; metal can often be the preliminary point, although other resources are always considered during the construction of a piece. The works I create are abstract in form and subject matter; however, I use my surroundings and the City I live for references. I become engrossed with the material itself, challenging myself to create something astonishing from the mundane. I perceive colour as a material too, its properties and potential are infinite, and it has the power to transform anything from its original form into something majestic.

Artists such as Gerhard Richter and Anish Kapoor are influential in my practice, aiding me with the possibilities of colour and form. The art movement, Minimalism is always a close point of reference when creating works; I believe simplicity holds a commanding impact regarding visualization.

I blend and blur paint onto surfaces, creating a rhythm and flow to the works, which enables me to lose the natural constraints of a structured habitat. I often work back into the creations afterwards with sandpaper and grinder.

My sculptures are either built up to create movement or they are constructed on different levels, spacing each layer of material from the previous one, giving a piece movement and depth. As the viewer moves, my work moves, creating slightly different perspectives and a shifting, fresh element to the piece.

My art installations are often room consuming, dealing with light, perspectives and space. The purpose is to invite the viewer to move in and around the work, enabling you to become part of the installation and my vision.