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I am really no one

Elia, also known as "i am really no one”, is an eclectic Italian musical-artist raised in a small town surrounded by mountains surrounding Lake Garda. This pure environment is the main influence of his free-spirited creativity.

He is a pop singer, a crazy performer “dancer” that really enjoys being “stupid” and interacting with people during his shows, but plays piano as well…

He studied performing and creative arts, and then decided to focus on music studying vocal, piano and music in general.

His original repertoire is very varied and contains pop, electro-pop, 2-step as well as piano and voice.

“I am really no one”, during his development as an artist, participated to musicals and theatre plays as singer and actor, influencing the way he is on the stage. He also performs internationally. Last year he was in New York learning dance and performing. Currently, he is located in London playing with a band as well as a solo artist.