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Hugo Lejarriaga

He grew in a very creative environment and family. From his great-great grandfather to his mother and grandfather who were painters; Hugo inherited his sense of creativity and artistic expression.

Since child he was advised from his grandfather to how to become a self-taught person, and the paints and tools of his mother made the proper combination for Hugo to explore himself trough his paintings and sculptures. As he was rise in Valencia, Hugo was very influenced by ‘ Las Fall as ’ (satiric monuments made with paper Mache that are burned for celebrate the beginning of spring ) what gave him the passion for mix materials on his creations.

In the adolescence, he developed a profound sense of spirituality that influenced in his view of life and his concept of creativity. As well his mother move to Figueres (Salvador Dalí’s hometown) , what inspired Hugo to join the school of traditional arts , that he left after a year for study dramatic art.

By 2001 he was elected for eight years in a row to design and build the Falla for his hometown
Council, just using recycled materials.

Now, Hugo is an artist based and inspired in London where he continues exploring himself trough his works and Kabbalah studies, what he consider essential for the development of his style.