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Hola Sachi

Hola Sachi (Sachi Silvia Loggia) Borne in San Martin, Little town on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Argentina, from an early age, she developed her interest for performing, with her mom, a flamenco dancer and teacher and her dad, a tango singer.

From the age of four she already performed ballet and flamenco in three important theaters in Buenos Aires. She grew up very independent, so it did not surprise her parents when she decided, with only 22 years of age, to emigrate.

She came to London, she could not get enough of this City, she took course after course in fashion, drama, dress making, customizing, TV and radio presenting, radio producing and Technic assistance, and the list goes on and on.

She recorded a hip hop album in 2006, in which she co written 14 tracks. The album name is Brin-k-dera, with Chippy D and the collaboration of the amazing Dany Fornaris. She had her own radio show, Hola Sachi, emitted for AculcoRadio.

She has her own fashion brand and currently you can find her as DJ at very exclusive parties, exhibiting at show rooms or interviewing many creators and celebrities on her new You Tube Channel.

You can see her now on her new Hola Sachi TV website and YouTube channel!

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