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Hoeyyn Ngu

Born in Malaysia, my childhood was spent immersed in art. I began taking commissions and running art classes at just sixteen, then lecturing at the prestigious Academy of Art in my early twenties. I later moved to the UK bringing my art to the Western world, moving to Scotland in my early thirties, following several successful London exhibitions.

While success has brought many awards and rewards, including realising the dream of opening a gallery and studio - my Hoeyyn Arts in Edinburgh, my greatest joy is the harmony I bring to those who view my work.

My art explores the positive and beautiful aspects of our world - balance, purity, and serenity. I strive to bring calmness and positivity to people through my painting, and this drive keeps me focused on life’s beauty. The themes of my paintings come from my experiences and surroundings: nature, stories I hear, people I meet, mythology and symbolism.

Growing up in Malaysia has deeply influenced my work, and tropical Asia is in my free brushstrokes, rich textures, and bold contrasts. The dynamism, passion, diversity, and harmonious contradictions of my homeland - where everything is colour, colour, colour! - are inseparable from my process and from the art itself.