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Hesi Glowacki

Hesi Glowacki from Poland, aspires to imbue reality with aspects of fantasy and his work plays between the techniques of figuration and abstraction, juxtaposing the primitive with the contemporary, the refined with the rustic and rife with poetic and literary allusions.

Glowacki engages with the meditative qualities of art-making and sincere direct communication through painting and sculpture, draws inspiration from a wide-range of sources, spanning from popular urban culture to Surrealism, abstract and folk art.

His work peruse and dismantles the process of painting through the material and colour, the subject matter and the metaphysical space, to explore themes of human condition and cultural identity and evoking both physical and spiritual transformation.

Hesi Glowacki’s works can be found in private collections worldwide.

He currently lives and works in London.