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Helena Aguilar Mayans

Helena Aguilar Mayans is a fine art/experimental photographer based in Olot and Barcelona.

She grew up in Olot, in the middle of the Garrotxa Natural Park, surrounded by nature she had always been fascinated by the magic of this dreamy volcanic area. She went to the University of Barcelona and has a bachelor in Fine Arts; there she learned various photographic techniques and processes. She feels photography as something magical, alchemical ... she loves to get lost into the woods and sneak in abandoned places, her photographs are a gate to outer realities.

She always finds inspiration in magic or spiritual things. She loves to work around the stories of beliefs that have lasted over time, the figure of the woman in ancient cultures and her relation with nature.

She also considers art as a way to travel between worlds. Ancient times, lost civilizations, the preraphaelite, symbolic and Victorian spiritualist movement, are great references. In general all the art of the nineteenth century is an inspiration for her,

Her work have been shown in various exhibitions in Europe and USA, and also part of her work had been published in some websites or magazines like: SHOTS magazine, Bleaq., Photo Vogue, Photographyblogger, Sciences Occultes, Weekend Artists,..