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Hedley Wiggan

I am from a family of creative individuals. My mother in her younger days was a talented artist. My brother Trevor has penchant for writing beautiful poetry. My Elder brother is world renowned micro sculptor Willard. So it was inevitable that hidden somewhere inside me was a creative streak.

Indeed the last time I held a paint brush was to enter a school painting competition, at the age 8, to win a box of chocolates. I entered purely to try and win in order to impress a fair maiden and to give her the chocolates. I was accused by the Judges that I had traced my painting and was disqualified and I never picked up a paint brush till I was 44.

My art has been inspired by my dreams, women, shapes, objects, moods, nature, shades, light, colors and the weather. My Favorite art inspirations are Dali, Da Vinci, Manet.

I paint to reflect my moods and the beauty that surrounds me. I started painting in 2010 and have told by those better qualified that I have a talent for painting.

Outside of art my other interests include photography, walking, music, friends and animals. I also have a morbid obsession with all things creepy and crawly.