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Guy Kennedy

My work is based around the idea of using whatever I can get for free, which consists of the items people I know no longer need or want.
Ranging from broken Hoovers to old TVs, power tools, mobile phones and stereos of yesteryear.

I start by dismantling the item in question, looking to utilise the parts that are not usually seen, presenting the everyday in a new and different way.
The work is familiar yet unfamiliar, from this world but not of this world.

All of this is a recent adaption in my practice; a few years ago I worked with digital art in photo shop. Before that I painted abstract pictures, prior to that I used to draw. Now in my late 30s I have progressed into making sculpture, and have deserted my paintbrushes for a cordless drill and a angle grinder.

To my mind the creative processes is the same either way, only the final outcome is altered by different materials and various tools.