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Gigi Howarth

My work is inspired by people and places in my life and by those I have encountered in my travels.
As I evolve as an artist, I gravitate towards abstraction, and paint intuitively.

Colors and beyond is how I would simply describe my work. I want my paintings to be open to interpretation. Titles are just for practical reasons. I want my subjects to be about how the paintings make the viewer feel.

I invite the viewer to a different way of seeing, whatever or however that may be.
Ambiguity, why not, what if, transcendence, endless possibilities... are the reoccurring themes in my work, often challenging what is perceived to be real. The appearance of a figure, is not particularly about that figure, but always about how the whole painting affects the viewer in a particular way.

I was born and raised in Manila and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines. As a professional artist, I worked on Walt Disney and Hannah Barbera TV productions, initially as an assistant animator and then moved to the background department, in favor of use of colors and paint. I consider myself fortunate to have been trained by and worked with incredibly talented and generous artists from the US, Australia and of course the Philippines. It was as a background artist that I first discovered the versatility of acrylics and never looked back.

I am a naturalized Spanish citizen and live in Spain.