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George Lewis

George Lewis
I work from a small workshop in Spelsbury - Oxfordshire, UK.

My work is based on contemporary issues to do with politics and the human state of mind.

The form of my work comes from comics and cartoons, and the subject matter comes from the media, Facebook and general feelings i get from talking to people.

My use of materials goes with my ethos in life, to re use re-claim and not to discard without plenty of thought!

Humour is an important element of my work and i like to have a giggle putting items on eBay, such as my recent creation of a 14.4 volt cordless log.

I like to see people’s reactions who are not in the art world, this also allows me to show work to people who would not really engage with contemporary art normally, even if it is as brief as a quick “click” on an item on eBay.

Contemporary work with traditional materials and techniques.