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Garry Brennand

I'm a part time artist living in the Pendle area (Barnoldswick) and I'm looking to eventually go professional.
I have been painting since I was about 12 but for many years I didn't do much.
It was in 1993 that I did my first (what I would call) 'proper' painting of Buttermere in the Lake District, again there was a period when I didn't do much until this year.

I painted a picture of a witch on the edge of a cliff in a Crimson coloured dress. Many people offered to buy it but I resisted after all the positive comments I started painting Witch/Pagan/Fantasy/Gothic type pictures.

My wife convinced me to go public with my work as she could see a market for the type of work I was doing.
So 3 months ago Crimson Witch Crafts was born.

I have just started to have displays in Local markets and the response had been very positive.

Most of the paintings I have done recently have been commissioned pieces, part of the service I offer is to paint bespoke pictures that are personal to the customer.