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Gala Mirissa

My name is Gala Mirissa, and I live in Barcelona. I studied Philologie and I began to make Motion Art as a result of a long rehabilitation process that made me stay at home for 2 years without being able to walk.

I found the escape from of my reality and then I discovered a .GIF of Bill Domonkos on internet. At first sight, I wanted to start such adventure.

I began to study Multimedia in a virtual university the degree of and then I posted on my portfolio as a hobby on social media. Over time, I began to collaborate with excellents photographers and painters.

People became interested in my work and my online portfolio grew. I create my own art, also providing other artists with my creation.

I love to combine the Photography and Art with motion graphics and thus create something that looks alive, great but also unique.

Feeling the movement as an universal language and the song of our bodies.