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Gabriela Herma

Gabriela Herma is a Polish Fine Art Photographer from Bielsko-Biala, a city in the south of Poland. Currently based in London, her work is inspired by her surroundings and led by her initial emotional response.
Each photograph conceals a deeper meaning and emotion that the artist invites her viewers to explore. Encouraging us to see beyond what can be seen.

Herma's photographs are printed onto metal and later supervened with resin and mixed materials such as Swarovski, broken mirrors and sparkle dust. Her photographs freeze moments of emotion and are brought to life by layering resin and reflective elements. Through this process, she injects a vitality and tangibility that invites us to step into the scene and experience firsthand the moment Herma capture.

One of Herma’s most significant works is Guilia, 2015. Guilia is the depiction of a red dragonfly she met in Marbella, Spain in August 2015. She flirted and interacted with Herma’s artistic senses, as if she was silently requesting to be captured by her camera. The dragonfly is a symbol of transformation that encourages us to seek self-realisation and uncover the deeper meaning of life.
Guilia is a representation of Herma’s internal growth and ability to see beyond the surface meaning of her subjects, a redline through her work.

Gabriela Herma can produce customised artworks on request. Check her website for more information.