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Francesca Belgiojoso

I’m psychotherapist and artist: my artistic research intertwins my knowledge of the unconscious to a strong passion for photography and the iconography of the past.

I work with analog photo-collage where fragments of images, carefully cut from contemporary and vintage magazines, intertwine with antique photographs and period illustrations.
 After a passionate hunt for the sources, I cut out different figures leaving behind their original meaning and context.
 My attention is then focused on the composition and on the correct representation of the light source, as if I was painting with paper.

From the chaos of my studio, where the floor it’s covered by clippings from any source, I try different associations moving towards a new meaning that comes out from the union of disparate elements.
 Collage could be intended as a metaphor for dreams as the process it’s the same: we take from reality the pieces we want and we recombine them in stories with a new, personal meaning.

Mounted as three-dimensional paper sculpture, the images are supported by pins or cardboards of different thickness to allow the depth perception.
 Framed on a white background, the collage seems to fly alone, the shadow cast isolates it from the rest of the world.