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Fotini Hamidieli

Fotini Hamideli was born in Greece. She studied art in the U.S. in Rhode Island School of Design. She returned to Greece where she lives today.

The female form is basic in my work because it serves in exploring various aspects of the female psyche. As artists often do, I too, tend to put down on paper or on canvas things which I am ‘’fighting’’ with, trying to make sense of what is happening around and inside me, so I suppose the female forms appearing in my work sometimes represent me.

She teaches art lessons and collaborates with the Central Public Library of the city of Veria, organizing various events, lectures and art programs directed to children.

She does graphic work designing posters, brochures and magazines and has written articles on art. Her work has been published in two books written by Dimitra Mitta, ”Jocasta’’ and “Masks” and in several art publications.

In Greece she first exhibited in “Diagonios”, a gallery in Thessaloniki, directed by Dinos Christianopoulos, a well known Greek poet. Fotini Hamideli has been showing her work since 1978, participating in over 75 group shows and has had fourteen solo shows.

1973-1975 Studies in Eugene Tonoff’s studio, Providence R.I.
1978-1979 Honors Program of R.I.S.D. Rome, Italy
1979 BFA Rhode Island School of Design – U.S.