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Florence Thomas

Fine Art, Drawing student, studying my third year at Camberwell College of Art; Part of a collaborative group entitled ROOM 131.

Whilst exploring the concept of religious images - the methods of making, and the characters within the work - I have focused on the unknown nature of the figure presented, such as the Virgin Mary, or Christ.

How do we know what they look like? With this in mind, I wanted to create work that doesn't have a recognizable figure within it, making the audience the key part of the artwork. Engaging with the audience creates a sense of inclusion, being a part of something - a lot like how religions, for certain people, makes you feel like you are a part of something, included.

This 'Make your own Icon station' enables the participant to be part of the process in creating the work. It gives the audience control over how obviously religious it may appear.

In this piece of work, we as an audience are the characters within the religious image. It is about the participant, what they create is not important, it is how they got there, the process of making, and the experience they felt whilst developing the image that allows them to take away, and forever be part of an Icon.