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Fernanda Das Neves

New ideal of harmony inventing a gestural configurations unusual expressive quality, scheduling fields of knowledge where there are casualties.

The design is planned, but is free to accept random, according articulated perpendicular lines not deny spontaneity but renewed proposals for artistic direction.

Reaching a form of plastic poetry, between the order - disorder, through suggestions of fabrics (silks, linens ...), rhythmic resonances, reflections indices of temperament and inclination, elegant manners and stubborn, definitions of a phenomenology of means and effects.

“We painted the way we paint”, a compliment from Faber in art, knowing the limits, never exceeding precarious and this interval where the mind settles with the wonderful ease of mastery.

When considering know the work of Fernanda Das Neves as presented at the whim of so exist, there is no border between looking and being, there is no representation but presentation transferring the spirit of the style.

The well-known critic of Japanese art Kaii Higashiyama wrote that
"The beauty of the object remains hidden to the intellect that investigates analytically. The beautiful reveals itself in the feeling that unites the heart and the thing.

So it is with Fernanda Das Neves.
The sobriety of the seemingly same gestures, a programmatic repeat, leads us to the notion of permanence. Eternity in the present. Can sense, in short the beauty revealed to the painter and her dissolution.

Afonso Almeida Brandão
Art critic and journalist