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Emma Childs

My name is Emma Childs & I am a professional artist with 20 years experience.

I am currently in the process of writing & illustrating a children’s fairy story book.

I exhibit my work regularly both nationally & internationally. Some of my artwork was chosen to be exhibited in Art Monaco 2015 through the Mona Youssef Gallery which I am thoroughly looking forward to being a part of.

Recently Niji Arts Magazine interviewed me & did a feature on my art.

Art is an absolute passion & if I were asked to describe what art means to me put very simply I believe art is an impression of a feeling & if a particular piece of art has the ability to move you & resonates within you on another level then art has successfully done its job.

My art is inspired by childhood memories & unknown places, bold colour & fine detail.

Preferring watercolour & pen & ink I also work in Acrylics, oil & airbrush I am commissioned on a regular basis please feel free to visit my website.