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Elvenia Ruusu

Elvenia Ruusu is an artist who born and live in Finland.
Internally she feels like she is from Planet Earth and Planet Eterea which her art tells about it.

She loves flowers and dance in their many colors, forms and she paints dancing flowers and elves.

She was a dance artist since childhood. In 2012 she transformed her experience into paintings as a result of an unusual accident.

She remembered the colors of the rainbow she had seen long ago in the forest. Painting start to be like the light in the middle of the darkness.
It became like the plant that grew out of the darkness from the soil into the sun light and started to flower in different colors.

With her art she is wishing to "research" the relations between physical plant flowers ethereal imaginative and mystical spiritual flowers defending the diversity of the human experience as well as the diversity of the nature and plant world.