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Ella Prakash

Ella prakash was born in Bahrain. It seems like she has been painting and drawing since her first breath. Her professional art career started in the early 1982s. She has worked in various medium. Her acrylic paintings present the world as if seen through a prism, with bold colors parceled out into geometric forms that offer fleeting.

Ella’s artistic skill being shifted from the unknown to the open. With a hope to express herself and connect to her audience, Ella’s brushes started to create unique pieces in post modern and contemporary art forms. Each piece being an exceptional work of various elements – abstract, figurative, geometric, – showcase the positivity and the liberal thought process of a highly opinionated artist. The lines are what she tries to achieve as she draws and feels what the pose is about. her figurative art work display the symmetrical beauty of the universe encapsulated in the form of a woman. The paintings carry a message drawn with mystical lines, surrealistic shapes, perspective designs that are painted with soft colors, light and dark, displaying playful elements of mass, volume and texture.

Ella being a celebrated artist across the globe, through her exhibitions has shown a clear evolution in her approach to art making it evident its truly limitless power

Being inspired by works of greats such as George Braque, Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee, Ella’s process of making art is that of an experimental nature.