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Elizabeth James

Elizabeth James Art is a created by the vision & passion for art of London born photographer Elizabeth James.‘I was born and raised in London where my relationship with photography came to light. I discovered photography at 9 years old I couldn’t wait to own a camera of my own someday. Looking down the lens was like a different world, a form of escapism. A world that at that age I thought only I knew in that way because it was viewed through my eyes.

One of my favourite subjects to photograph is water, I remember as a child watching a dripping tap and noticing the different shapes and forms the drops would take and how the light passed through it.

I wanted to slow it down and see the results of its impact on the water surface below, the repercussions were very short-lived and easily missed by the naked eye. Water can be calming, graceful, tranquil, powerful, strong, still or free-flowing.

When my work is viewed I hope the viewer will feel the energy of the water as it was captured and enjoy the ethereal qualities of the forms as they have a delicate beauty that makes the image seem not to be part of the real world.

Once I discovered a camera was used to record & document our environments, my world opened up.