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Domi Marchi

Born into a multicultural family, Dominique can always be found with a book, notebook and pen in her bag.

With a background in languages and a Masters in literature, her passion for books led her to writing at a young age. From short stories to articles, Dominique has mostly kept her texts to herself all the while creating and contributing content both in her work and personal life.

As many a teenager, Dominique started doodling in high school. She began putting those doodles to good use by creating small illustrations to go along with her articles. She now writes and doodles for others as well as herself.

“I love to doodle, it’s a relaxing way to illustrate my articles, but without my writing there would be no doodling. Writing is what makes me feel alive. I can’t express my imagination with anything but words. When the words are out, the doodles naturally follow”.

You can find her latest articles on The Cult House Periodic and her doodles on Instagram: domi.marchi