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Dijah Abreu

I was born in a small town called Areia Branca, located at the Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil. Studied Architecture and I eventually came in contact with CAD programs that made me focus my work on modeling and rendering images for Construction companies for their marketing. Although my real passion was authorial work and as we always have to study, I used this time to create 3d renders that earned me some awards in books and on forums around here in Brazil and a few other international sites. To improve the quality of my work I decided to learn the basics of photography.

Then my first trip outside Brazil, to London – UK came. I took a great amount of photos, which got the attention of the local Photography Association. Eventually I became a part of it and led me to make my first Exhibition: A collection of Photographs showing the abandonment of historical buildings.

My passion for authorial work made me consider entering the Fine Art Market, which requires more than capturing a moment of a scene. You have to put your personal vision and develop your personal style to stand out.