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Dawn Lightpainting

Dawn journey’s goes primarily in the dynamics of meetings:

He discovered lightpainting in spring 2011 and immediately realized the enormous potential of this tool and decided to go on an adventure with enthusiasm and excitement.

Then came the meeting with urban explorers in spring 2012: discovering ancient/disused industrial sites, abandoned quarries...imagine it at the time of its activity...overcoming the codes of society, constraints and nuisance of big cities to enjoy the silence and relax.
This is the embryo of an artistic approach and the development stage, after learning the basics of the discipline.

Throughout 2013, he began a series of varied artistic collaborations and meetings to sharpen his vision and expand his palette. He has also since been able to count on the support of his partners Neon Flexible and RSW.

Since 2014, his approach is part of a work of appropriation and transformation of space: He likes to paint with light places and people he meet who are sources of inspiration.

He says:
My tool allows me almost all the possibilities and I see it as an extension of the world of graffiti with a unique dimension: non-otherness of public space.