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Dawid Majgat

My name is Dawid Majgat, I’m the ambassador of Republic ¥, and my main mission is to propagate the culture of Republic ¥ through visual art.

My specializations are painting, illustration, printmaking, design, street art and modern forms of communication. I’m a monster maker and worshipper of organic hand gestures, expression, colour and form as an international language.
I create projects characterized by their absurdity, alluding to everyday life, the present and the past, pop-culture, folk-culture, video games, cartoons and tribalism.

I was born in Gorzów Wielkopolski in Poland in 1990, where I graduated from Art College.
After that I took a masters degree in graphic design and printmaking, specialising in lithography, under the supervision of Prof. Piotr Gojowy and Dr. Tomasz Barczyk at the Faculty of Fine Art in Toruń.

During this time I was awarded the Tymon Niesiołowski medal for the best artistic Master’s diploma of 2015 for my project “Ebola River Flows”.

Based in Warsaw/Poland but travelling around the world doing (street) art projects.