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David Emmanuel Noel

David Emmanuel Noel is a painter and illustrator, working primarily in acrylics, ink and
pencil. He has exhibited widely in the US, UK and mainland Europe, taught art and
worked with a number of organizations exploring on the therapeutic benefits of public

‘The purpose of my art through strong vibrant colours is to capture and provoke thought and a sense of the world through characters, landscapes and abstracts I paint.

I am interested in some form of cultural representation, yet equally interested in the subjective aspect of painting — in the application of paint and the balance of colour, scale, line and movement.

I'm inspired by life and the people in it! I find all art forms therapeutic as they offset the everyday challenges we all face and set the spirit in the right direction towards a balanced self.

Art is reflection of the world around us. I find inspiration to be creative sometimes at the most unexpected and surprising times.

I guess I'm most inspired by my peers and contemporary artists. I think we all have the power to inspire and encourage each other beyond our self imposed limits to be both happy and creative!’