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David Agenjo

For me, the process of painting is a long-term dialogue between the artist and the artwork. I like paying attention to detail and describing that at every stage of the process.

Colour plays an important role, almost to a point of obsession. Through the application of multiple translucent layers of paint I gradually build up an erratic, psychedelic colour field, this gives an extra dimensional value to my depictions.

The subjects I chose to paint need to have both, a solid physical presence as well as soul. Ultimately my main goal with my paintings is to trigger an emotional response when facing the viewer.

Through portraiture and life studies, figurative painting allows me to place my subjectivity at the centre of the scene, giving a greater status to perhaps subjects that would otherwise go unnoticed.

A large body of my recent work was produced during and after two residencies, one in Shenzhen and the other in Mumbai. These environments inspired me to document new cultural context.

Shortlisted of IT's ART Call 2016