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Darja Abdirova

Anouk is traveller, globetrotter and explorer in the third generation. Travelling, languages and different cultures are her source of inspiration.

She travels Europe and collects objects as relicts from the past and visions of the future. In the tradition of the artists of Modern Times, she is seeking a utopic vision for the 21st Century. She paints fairy tales, stories, street art on MDF. Pop culture influences play as much a part in her work as does High Brow Art.

Through popular topics, spiritual influences, classical myths, religious credos and everyday myths she finds her own visual language. Being from the Middle East, but exposed to European ideals, she finds her own way of uniting the orient and occident. Most of her work is like glass- shiny, flat, and bursting with contrasting neon colours. It reflects the overkill, the saturation of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow.

By using pigments and oils she wants structures, surfaces and planes to be build up on her work- make the viewer feel the coloured pieces of dust that make up a portrait, make them re-experience that colour can be made from the dust they put their feet upon, reminding that hands and hearts are what makes up a homo sapiens.