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Conceicao Rhodes

Born in Santarem, Portugal. She lived in a farm in her childhood.

"The fields surrounding the farm are stretched out and the horizons is far".
"Many times I transport those fields with me. Not the real ones, but the imaginary, those which entering in my mind, born differently on my paintings.

Painting is like a dream for me and I find the Nature on my imaginary landscapes.
The world stops for me in my moments of creation. I follow the rail of my instinct and intuition".
Nature and people, abstracts mixed with real-imaginary are Conceição Rhodes main themes.

She uses acrylic on canvas and mixed media in her works.
Her paintings are an explosion of colours creating atmospheres where many times appear unexpected forms and figures which seems to emerge from the own canvas.

So, as well she constructs and gives life to imaginary portraits or imaginary landscapes coming from the dark.
"I see them born from the contrast with the light and the chaos of dark colours".
Many of her works can have different interpretations.

She aims to create for her and for public, places of calm and tranquility inspired by the experiences she had during her childhood near the country.

"Now I live in Lisbon near a big garden.
The windows of my studio let me see huge trees and hear the birds and frogs.
I use to work with Mozart and Debussy Music”.