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Chilla Sh. Art

I'm an outsider and self taught artist.
All my life I am been involved with art. I started to draw and paint since I was 2 years old.

I like to combine techniques using almost everything from makeup to body fluids, acrylic, watercolors, ink and making collages, sometimes using Photoshop or adobe illustrator.

I am also involved with photograph and photo manipulation. I use images from tabloids and fashion magazines on my work. I collect dolls and other toys and take photos of them playing and on my own way I use those toys as models for my photo shootings.

I am member of Art Brut Serbia in Zajecar, Belgrade, Subotica, where I participated in few group exhibitions.

I worked as a freelancer assisting the organization of events, design logos, posters, business cards, labels, promotional materials, product sales, contracting, web designer, web developer, global moderator on a website for people who suffers from mental illness. I worked with young children as an art teacher in a private school, charity work - 'Association for the Protection of Animals" and I am currently working as dog trainer when not focusing in my Art.