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Charles Inge

In 2010 Charles quit his advertising job to return to his first love: painting.

He studied at the Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing, Oxford University, and has always moved freely between figurative and abstract work. He makes no attempt to have a ‘style’.

“If others see a connection between my works then that’s fine, but I never look back. It is always the next project that interests me. The next blank canvas.”

He has exhibited in many group and solo exhibitions including the National Portrait Gallery and the Mall Galleries in London.

His work often has a degree of solitude and quietness about it.

“In a world when art, like advertising, is clamouring for your attention, mine is happy to wait for you to come to it.”

“Who these days has time for quiet contemplation? I hope my paintings can provide that for you”.

Shortlisted of IT's ART Call 2016