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Blandine Martin

French Artist, Blandine Martin has lived in London since 1988. She studied architecture and interior design at The Metropolitan University and graduated in 2003.

Blandine has since participated in numerous solo and group shows in France, England, Italy and in the State. In 2009 she took part in the controversial exhibition Provoke at the cultural Institute in Paris with curator Pierre Eugene . In 2011, she was commissioned to do one of the 200 Faberge eggs for the big egg hunt in London.

Blandine says:
“My speciality is in mixed media, I use preferably timber, metal or sand. The material will inform how the process happens but I always start with a narrative. As it’s very physical work there has to be a constant conversation between the material and myself, the process is intuitive.
I do enjoy been involved physically as well as emotionally; my chisels are my brushes, I sculpt my paintings as well. The poetry involved in orchestrating a semi abstract sculptural piece of work by creating a moment it’s what I’m interested in.