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Belinda Moore

Belinda Moore paints vibrant pointillist artwork from her home in Oxfordshire.

She has exhibited her works since 1995 in various venues in the UK as well as in California, Australia, and Holland.

Whilst living and working overseas as a scenery artist in California, signwriter in Greece and Israel, and ceramics designer, she has accumulated a wealth of experience.

“As a child and independently as an adult, I travelled to the most exotic countries and gained inspiration from the intricate artwork of local artisans. I love very bright colours, and decorate found objects such as pieces of driftwood, musical instruments and discarded boxes.

I am influenced by the colourful works of Patrick Heron, Hundertwasser, and Sonia Delaunay, and am particularly interested in the architecture of Gaudi, and Mexican architect Javier Senosiain.”

Belinda has exhibited in several galleries, restaurants and bistros, as well as supplying local bands and DJ’s with UV Backdrops for gigs and festivals. Her work has recently been shown on Channel 4 and 5's, Four in a Bed and Hotel Inspector Revisited.

After a brief painting assignment in the studio of Damien Hirst, Belinda is now in Oxfordshire preparing for 2017 exhibitions