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Asmita Kapadia

Asmita Kapadia is an award-winning fine art landscape and architectural photographer, based in England.

London-born to Indian parents, she developed a passion for travel and photography from an early age. Journeying different continents of the world has allowed her to experience different cultures, foods and gain diverse perspectives.

Studied photography more than ten years ago and mentored by Jonathan Chritchley, she has established a discipline in landscapes and architectural photography.

Won Viewbug's People's Choice Horses Photography Contest (March 2014), Achievement in Contrast (February 2014), Outstanding Composition (December 2013) & Editor's Choice (September 2013). Recently, she was accepted to join Landscapes By Women, an illustrious small group of highly talented photographers who have developed awe-inspiring portfolios in their own-right.

Asmita leads architectural and landscape photographic tours/master classes in the UK and internationally.

'Each landscape has a personality and capturing this raw energy from a visual standpoint adds a certain amount of permanence to what would otherwise simply be a brief and transient experience. An interpretation of simplicity, texture, shape and color taken a particular moment in time making the ordinary, visually extraordinary. Above all, photography represents an intrinsic marriage between creativity and technical prowess.'