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Anysia Nefissi

Anysia Nefissi is a parisian artist based in East London.

Her approch aims to destroy the form. Rupture, failure or blur propel the spectator in a psychic scene where visual and inner experiences with a proper language of colour and form, invite to deploy a reconstruction of figurative images, as reminiscences.

Creative art as a tear; when the pulsion, the energy of a fleeting gesture meets the de-construction, a task templates then turns to deform and becomes an abstract image, meaningful and coherent. Swarms, glares, echoes; a projection from shadow to image. By transparency, pigment and psyche escape. Emotions are dugged on canvas as a pictural kaleidoscope. Inspired by Rorschach tests and interactions between thoughts and subconscious, the creative process is both thoughtful and arbitrary between regularity and instability, depth and surface.

With the desire to exploit the complexity of perception engendered by creation, captured moments tend to fade by a fuzzy mental reconstruction. Failures are experienced and considered as an art form and cause the immersion in a subversive reality.