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Antonella Amaretti

I am a freelance Italian painter and decorator with a special passion for Performing Arts: Theatre, Cinema, Literature, Music and Set Design.
From them, I take inspiration for my artworks, figurative mostly.

In my early years, I liked to draw portraits of my favorite characters from comics, cartoons and movies I found in magazines.

With a background in Ceramic and some other Art courses, I’ve opened my studio called “Leoni in Arte” (from one of my paintings, “The Tamer”, which has become my logo and signboard), where I make paintings and drawings; oil and acrylic tempera are my favorite medium.

I also make decorations on request on pottery, clothes, lamps and home furnishing. Occasionally I make ceramic restoration and wall paintings. I studied woodcut and papier mache.

I like to work mostly with primary colors, mixing them to get effects of balance and contrast in the same work.
I've taken part in solo and group exhibitions 1998-2014.

London was in my dream since I was a child and today I go there often to see shows in theatres! I totally fell in love with this wonderful city, so my daydream would be to get success there.