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Anastasia Ika Dewi

Anastasia Ika Dewi is Artisan Artist, well known Just Jewelyounica from Bandung, Indonesia.

She is a mother of a lovely boy who also has the talent and follows his mother's footsteps in the world of Art and love Art. .

Her art goes from drawing, illustration, painting, jewellery making, beading, making Hemp Macramé jewellery accessories to sew.

Her favourite artist is Andy Warhol because she loves Pop Art and obsessed with skulls. She's also loves the Bohemian Ethnic culture such as free life hippie and loves EDM Trance Music.

She said, " What did I do in my Arts is about myself and my pleasure as well as the environment around me, stories of life and the world, the sound of my heart, my mind, my soul, my vision, writing and dance can I pour in my Art, and also play and live in the Arts and feel the joy and happiness in life and loves working in the Arts.”

Her dream goal it is to open a Gallery Shop Boutique & Store and make a Brand in her own name.