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Amber-Lauren Ballantyne-Styles

Amber-Lauren Ballantyne-Styles is a young professional commercial artist who is currently producing acrylic abstract canvas paintings, sculptures and abstract water colours. Her thematic canvas paintings are often very ‘urban’, mixed with beautiful abstract animals and landscapes.

Amber’s water colours are mostly those of voluptuous women in sensually erotic, yet graceful poses, typifying her belief that beauty is not exclusively the territory of size zero models. As a counterpart to this, a darker side to her thoughts is given light. Skeletal figures are shown as sad, unhappy beings but still with their own innate beauty and elegance.

She has been comissioned in the United Kingdom and Europe by Pirelli F1 Motorsport. Her work is currently creating a stir with art collector Sonia Meaden (mother of Dragon's Den's Deborah Meaden) New York art critic James Skully, Sir Richard Branson and Chris Westbrook - curator of Westbrook Gallery in London. Author, art collector and former actress Fiona Fullerton is one of her celebrity clients.